Sustainable Living Project

This past Saturday, ten girls from Wynberg High School came to grow a garden in our backyard. These girls are creating a project on how to live sustainably. Therefore, they chose to plant a garden at St. Michael’s where they will come to keep up with maintenance and teach our girls how to nurture it.

Majority of these girls have volunteered here at St. Michael’s, so it was amazing to see their willingness to return and help in a new way. The girls planted carrots, thyme, garlic, strawberries, tomatoes and much more! This will be great for our girls at St. Michael’s to learn how to nurture the garden and to also learn how to incorporate healthier foods into their diet.

This was such a blessing to have the Wynberg girls come to plant this garden for us. It’s important for our girls to know the importance of growing healthy foods and how to incorporate healthier foods when cooking.

Again, thank you girls from Wynberg High School for taking the time to help us at St. Michael’s! It is greatly appreciated by us! May God Bless you.