Get involved


St. Michael’s CYCC is looking for volunteers to teach and lead workshops in any field, or to help out with administrative and other duties. Volunteers are immensely appreciated, and are an integral part of the St. Michael’s community.

Interested in volunteering?

Some areas volunteers are needed

English Language Teaching


Dance and Yoga

Game Playing

Social Media & Publicity Management

Sports Practice

Web Development


Music Teaching (Piano, Ukulele, Voice...)

Excursion Accompaniment (during summer holidays, to Kirstenbosch, the V&A Waterfront, and more)

Whether you come in once for an hour or once a week, St. Michael’s greatly appreciates each moment of your time and contribution

Would your venue like to host an event for the St. Michael’s girls? Whether you would like to open your doors to a museum, art studio, concert hall, or bookstore, St. Michael’s would appreciate the opportunity to expose the girls to culture and entertainment in any form. Contact St. Michael’s here to inquire.

Note from previous volunteer

“It was a pleasure to volunteer my services at St. Michael’s. The girls’ enthusiasm and joy overflowed during our session. It really was one of the most heart-warming sessions I have ever had. The girls were at first apprehensive to do the session but quickly adapted into the exercises involving light stretching and laughter improvisation. It was great fun! So many beautiful smiles! The girls were taught how to use laughter as a tool and how to harness the breath to give us more energy. One of the girls had me in hysterics with her contagious laughter! The venue was light and sunny with big windows and was well ventilated. It meant a great deal to the girls that a few of the mentors joined the session, it brought a great sense of bonding and also a sense of respect for the processes.
I look forward to my next visit! Thank-you for the opportunity to laugh together! Very good!”

– Kiki Toga, Laughter Yoga Teacher and Volunteer