What we do

Residential programmes


The aim of our programme is to provide a safe haven for 30 young women between the age of 13 and 18 and develop them holistically to achieve their goals. The impact of the programme is to creating a safe environment for the youth in which they can heal and become the person they deserve to be. The residential programmes are run on the SPECS concept which looks holistically at the youth’s development, meaning that the social, physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual aspects of their wellbeing are addressed. This coincides with the Circle of Courage model as our framework.

Development programmes

Life Skills

Life skills take place every Tuesday. We have two groups, which is the junior and senior group. Our senior group is facilitated by facilitators of YCMA and our juniors are facilitated by our Care-workers. The programme is to empower and equip the girls with skills to behave positive and enabling them to deal effectively with challenges of everyday life.

The objectives is the following:
1. Increasing their self-awareness and in turn, their self-esteem
2. To develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills
3. Improve their communication and social skills
4. Empowering and equipping them to take charge of themselves and their environment, despite changing circumstances early.

Hip-Hop Dancing

The Dance programme takes place once a week and it is facilitated by a volunteer. In this program Youth develop the visual art of dance as mean of self-expression.

The purpose of the programme is as follows:
1. To promote engagement in physical activity.
2. For residents to develop an understanding of artistic and technical elements of contemporary and ballet dance.
3. To strengthen their creative skills.
4. To increase their self- esteem through creative expression.
5. To improve communication and social skills.

Dancing is an on-going program as it’s develops self-esteem and promotes self-expression and teamwork.

Victim Empowerment

Victim empowerment is an approach in facilitating access to a range of services for youth who have individually or collectively suffered harm, trauma and/or material loss through violence, crime, human accident and/or through socio-economic conditions. It also teaches youth their rights and responsibilities which in turn help them to be self-reliant confident and independent.


Yoga is being facilitated by two volunteers. One is a qualified yoga Teacher and the second person is a qualified sound Healing Practitioner. They do 2 hour yoga sessions and sound bath session with the girls, twice a month on a Saturday. The intention of the programme is to introduce mindful movement, self-awareness and teaching emotional regulation through these ancient practices

Girls Soccer

The purpose of the girls of playing soccer are as follow:
1. Promotes being more extroverts.
2. You learn to deal with and accept winning and losing.
3. Teaches you teamwork.
4. Helps build friendships.
 5. Significantly contributes to higher self-esteem.
6. It teaches hard work, dedication, and discipline.
7. Helps build character and personality.
8. Prevents depression and helps to live happier.


This programme teaches the girls to work together, and improve their social and verbal skills. Netball requires the youth to run around the pitch, sprint, and change direction quickly. Therefore, it is a good cardiovascular workout, and will improve overall fitness. Their flexibility and strength will increase as well.

Church/ Youth/ Bible Study

Youth has the right to practice religion. The youth are thus encouraged to attend church on a Sunday, youth on a Friday and Bible study on a Thursday.

This is to:
1. Connect with God.
2. Help Us Find Deeper Meaning in Our Lives.
3. It Allows Us to Feel Peace.
4. It Strengthens Spiritually.
5. It Fosters a Sense of Community.


To teach the young people to nurture plants. Having organic greens in the backyard garden will allow them to make food with the freshest vegetables. To teach them entrepreneurial skills.

The objective of gardening is the following:
1. Increasing their knowledge of working in the garden.
2. To develop their critical thinking skill to become an entrepreneur.
3. Encourage interaction with nature and Nurturing green spaces.
4. To provide them with a skill to nurture plants.
5. Teaching them a sense of responsibility.
6. To build Resilience and to help them master over specific problems and feelings in their lives.
7. Teach humility and calming.
8. Facilitate team work.

Recreational Game

This is facilitated by the Care-workers during weekends and holidays. The purpose of this programme is to enhance teamwork, communication, social interaction and build relations but also to have fun as a child.


Zumba is facilitated by a volunteer twice a month on a Saturday.

This programme has the following benefits for the youth:
1. Burns weight and calories, and tones the body.
2. Relieves Stress.
3. Full-Body Workout by keeping the youth fit.
4. Great for Cardio.
5. Improves Your Coordination.
6. Enhances Mood.


It is facilitated by a volunteer twice a month on a Saturday.

The purpose of the programme is the following
1. To help youth release anger feelings
2. Improve their health
3. Keep them fit
4. Teach them self defence

Cooking & Baking

This programme is facilitated by the Care-worker during weekend and holidays. It teaches the youth to make easy meals and cakes. This it to facilitate independence but it will also benefit them when they leave the facility.


Knitting is facilitated by a volunteer and happens twice a month. Knitting requires a high level of hand-eye coordination and precision. For the youth, this activity will improve their ability to coordinate between what they can see and what they can do, similar to sports. Getting a handle on their hand-eye coordination is a great bonus for their development. The mental and physical benefits of learning to knit including reduced anxiety and a decrease in chronic pain supported by the rhythmic, unique movements of knitting.

Therapeutic programmes

Pet Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy, also known as pet therapy. The Therapist who is a volunteer uses dogs to help the youth as they recover from physical and mental health conditions. The companionship of the animal has proven benefits in both medical and psychological work. The use of animal-assisted therapy can decrease feelings of loneliness and increase feelings of happiness and satisfaction. While this may seem obvious to those who have pets or have had contact with animals, animals help improve mood and provide companionship that can be important, especially in early recovery.

Trauma Release Therapy

Trauma release therapy is facilitated by a volunteer at least twice a month on a Saturday.

TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. The exercises safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance. It addresses stress, anxiety, trauma or PTD the youth experienced before placement.

Surf Therapy

Waves for Change provides safe spaces and access to caring youth mentors to help children develop skills to improve their behaviour, build healing relationships, cope with stress, make positive life choices, and feel better when they are upset. Surfing not only improves your physical fitness but also clears your mind and acts as an emotional stabilizer. Its Zen effect soothes the mind and balances your emotions. Those who actively engage with surfing know that it reduces stress, boosts our mood, and even helps overcome loss and grief.

Creative Arts Therapy

This is facilitated by a psychologist that offers the service free of charge in a group context. The purpose of the programme is to achieve self-esteem building and personal growth through creative arts therapy. Creative art therapy includes music, drama, movement, clay work, mosaic, eco therapy, painting/ drawing/ collage.

Community programmes

Family Fun Day

At least once a year we have a family funday which is a community project. The purpose of the funday is to empower youth with life skills, restore social relations and social cohesion between families, and improve parental skills and to enhance social functioning of children as well as their parents. However in addition having to educate the parents by having a workshop, we also arrange activities between the child and their parents or significant others to build relations and communication.


The outreach programme is aimed at teaching the residents the importance of providing needed assistance to those in need within their own communities. It’s aimed at teaching them the art of bringing resources together and becoming agents of change within their communities.

The objective of outreach are the following:
1. To teach the girls the art of community service
2. To build a sense of community amongst the girls
3. To allow the girls the opportunity to develop a sense of social responsibility
4. To empower the girls to take action against injustices they observe in their communities
5. To teach girls generosity