Thank you, Boston!

St. Michael’s was welcomed by an amazing group of volunteers from Boston. This past Wednesday, a group of 15 visited us to learn about our organization and to meet the girls. To be honest, we weren’t sure what this group of volunteers’ intentions were. AND to be completely honest, the Boston group thought they were visiting an orphanage, to help change diapers and such. The miscommunication ended better than anticipated! It was truly incredible how no one’s expectations were correct, but it ended up being one of the most pleasurable afternoons to experience together.

First off, never underestimate someone because of their age. This was truly the case for this group of volunteers. They varied in age from twenty-three, to ninety years old. However, each individual adapted to the St. Michael’s environment extremely well. The group was able to create a peaceful environment for the girls to feel comfortable with them. We printed coloring pages for the girls to use, but majority of the girls enjoyed talking instead. By the end of the session, there was a giant dance party and selfie session that didn’t want to be stopped.

The girls had an amazing time and it showed in their faces and behaviour. The dance party brought out so much joy from the girls, and they didn’t want it to end. While watching the Boston volunteers interact with girls, I saw their sympathy for them. They didn’t visit St. Michael’s to hear about the mission and vision, they were truly eager to get to know the girls’ stories. It was beautiful to see everyone’s heart become just a tad bigger. This wasn’t because the girls were given any gifts, it was because they were given respect, love and time.

Thank you Boston volunteers for your time, energy, and love. St. Michael’s truly appreciates your effort to visit our centre. Know that the memories made in such a short time will never be forgotten.