Become a mentor

Think back to when you were a teenage girl. Who was the person, other than a parent, who brought a little magic into your life, just by being there? By becoming a mentor, you can be that person in the life of one of our girls. And you will build treasured memories through a friendship that will change your life, and our girls, forever.

Being a mentor is something anyone can do – the only requirements are a willingness to be a friend, to have fun, and to see the world (and yourself) through the eyes of a young person.

Our mentorship programme

We have launched our very own mentorship programme, titled MIND (Mentoring Into New Dimensions), where we encourage females over the age of 21 years to become a role model to our young ladies. One of our core values and missions is to reclaim the true essence of womanhood within our girls. We need the help of strong independent and compassionate females to do this.

We hope to provide the young women at St. Michael’s with mentors who are dedicated to their success. The goal is to match each girl with a mentor in the same career path so as to assist them in beginning to develop the skills necessary to reach their goals. We hope that this will be a reciprocal relationship through which both the mentor and mentee will learn and continuously develop, both personally and professionally.

Description of tasks

Be a role model to the young ladies in our care by modelling positive behaviours.

We appeal to you to meet with your mentee on a monthly basis to form a trusting and consistent relationship with your mentee. Our girls are in a pivotal developmental stage where consistency is a necessity for them to feel safe within their relationships. As St Michael’s, we honor all commitments made to the mentee by mentors and staff within the organisation.

We place great importance on the establishment of clear boundaries with the girls and their family too. The role of the mentor is to help encourage the mentee to develop a milestone plan for completing high school and pursuing a career.


As a mentor, the primary role will be to provide guidance and support to the mentee based on their unique developmental needs. We invite the mentor to assist our girls in the capacity of being a coach, an encourager, emotional and social support and an advocate for accessing resources.

Requirements to become a mentor

  • Be over 21 years old
  • Submit a police clearance certificate and copy of their I.D.
  • Submit the application form below
  • Successfully complete an interview for a mentor position
  • Be interested in developing a positive influential relationship with a girl
  • Be trustworthy, energetic, mature, stable, reliable, accepting, patient, caring and respectful of others
  • Be supportive and non-judgmental in your interactions with girls
  • Promote the welfare and safety of the child
  • Act with integrity
  • Check in with the St Michael’s staff on a regularly basis (minimum progress report submission of once a month)
  • Recognize role as a mandated reporter and report any problematic issues
  • Be patient and understand the mentoring relationship is a process that takes work and time
  • Be comfortable and respectful of core values, policies and procedures of St Michael’s CYCC

Fill out the form below to get started with the application and assessment process and we’ll get back to you.