Want to Sponsor a Child?

St. Michael’s is providing the opportunity for you to sponsor one of our young girls. These girls desire and deserve love and attention, and this is a great way to serve those needs.

The girls at St. Michael’s are in need of constant and consistent care and support. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough staff for this. Therefore, by sponsoring a child, you are becoming a role model to one of our girls. This would include committing to donating a monthly fee in her name, and possibly extending it to communicating through Skype and email.

When you elect to sponsor a child, you will receive information including the child’s name, age, interest, and special requests. This donation will directly go to her name and will be distributed to her highest needs. The donations may go to clothing, toiletries, school supplies, sports, and school funds.

These donations will greatly impact her opportunities to succeed now and in the future. The fact that someone is out there caring and providing for her will make an immeasurable difference in her life, and your life is sure to be positively impacted as well.

Want to get in touch with our program coordinator for more questions? Contact Kudzanai at:


We appreciate your interest in St. Michael’s!

Much love from our family to yours.