Christmas slumber party!

On Friday evening, the Good Hope Christian Centre Outreach group hosted our first Christmas party for the year! A new board member, Nicole Roberts, came in to have her monthly “girls’ night”. GHCC wanted to create something different for each of the girls, so they created a Santa fun box for donations, which included nail polish, lipstick, mirrors, candy, coffee, body cream, and other toiletries. Thank you to Carla Peake for raising most of the funds for the boxes! Each girl also received R20 to buy airtime.

The night was first opened in prayer, and followed with a conversation about the girls’ feelings about the last year–their highs and lows–and how they felt about upcoming exams. The girls enjoyed games, karaoke, and lots of dancing! The night wrapped up by opening the gifts and eating cake; the girls were thrilled with the boxes!

Thank you to all involved in giving our youth a good time and a special thanks to GHCC, Nicole Roberts, and Coimbra Bakery bakery for their generous donation of doughnuts!